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Color Contact Lenses FAQ

Why color contacts?

We accessorize our outfits, adorn ourselves in one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, even decorate our tablets and cell phones. Why should our eyes be any different? Colored eye contacts can be the perfect addition to your eye look!

Whether it be for everyday enhancement or something special for an upcoming night out, Nebulalens has coloured contacts for you! Every once in a while, you’ve got to get out there and let yourself shine! As the saying goes, why blend in when you were born to stand out?! And you can - with a little help from color contact lenses!

Are coloured contacts are safe?

Even beyond bringing you beautiful coloured contacts, safety is our highest priority! Nebulalens’s keeps your health our #1 priority–we only stock brands approved by the FDA (American Drug and Food Administration), Health Canada, KDFA (Korean Drug and Food Administration) and/or CE (Conformité Européenne) 1023. Rest assured, any colored contacts you order on our site are guaranteed safe as we only carry the highest-quality, authentic contact lenses.

Can anyone wear colour contact lenses?

Unfortunately, colored contact lenses aren’t for everyone. For example, if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, contacts may not be for you. Those who are severely nearsighted may not be able to find contact lenses with a strong enough prescription to fully correct their vision.

Also, some people are allergic to the contact cleaning solution, or even the contacts themselves. As daily cleaning of contact lenses is crucial to eye health for contact wearers, an allergy to the cleaning solution poses a very real issue.

Some doctors recommend that diabetic patients avoid contact lenses as they may be more prone to infection and have more difficulty recovering from infection. Children’s eyes are particularly sensitive and fragile and wearing contacts at a young age could cause eye damage.

People suffering from the following should not wear colored contact lenses, as these eye conditions may be further irritated by inserting lenses:

  • Any eye infections (Such as conjunctivitis)
  • Any corneal conditions (Such as keratitis)
  • Any allergic eye conditions (Such as hayfever)
  • Any chronic disease of the eye (Such as glaucoma)

Do You have Colored Contacts Near Me?

Yes, we certainly deliver colored contact lenses to China!

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How do I clean and care for my contacts?

Here are a few do's and don’ts when it comes to colored contact lens safety.

✅ DO consult your optician or eye doctor before wearing/purchasing a pair of our lenses.

✅ DO wash and dry your hands whenever you handle your lenses or attempt insertion/removal.

✅ DO soak your lenses for two hours in solution prior to inserting them into your eye.

✅ DO wash your lenses in solution if they touch anything besides your eyes.

✅ DO keep your lenses case clean and regularly change the eye care solution.

✅ DO remove the contacts before you go to sleep, bathe, shower or partake in water sports.

✅ DO remove the lenses if you feel any unexpected irritation, soreness or notice redness or excessive eye watering.

✅ DO seek medical advice if you notice any of the conditions mentioned above.

❌ DO NOT use lenses after the recommended duration (E.g. 1 day, 90 days, 1 year). No, refrigerating/freezing them does NOT increase their life span.

❌ DO NOT use tap water, saliva or household products to clean the lenses, only the eye care solution.

❌ DO NOT let the contacts come into contact with any cosmetic products i.e. makeup, deodorants, hair sprays.

❌ DO NOT attempt to insert lenses that seem damaged, broken or torn or in any way compromised.

❌ DO NOT insert more than one pair of lenses into your eye at one time.

❌ DO NOT share lenses with another person.

Any uncertainties or concerns when using contact lenses should be discussed with an eye care specialist or optician. Ensure you know all the tips and tricks before you get started with a pair of colored contact lenses.

Are prescription colour contact lenses expensive?

Thankfully for those needing vision correction, prescription colored contacts exist. The lenses made for myopia (nearsightedness) cost the same as their non-prescription counterparts. Nebulalens’s stocks lenses with prescription strengths from 0.0 to -12.00, so you are all set whether you have natural 20/20 vision or need serious correction in order to work productively and drive safely. Toric colored contacts, which correct astigmatism, usually cost more as they are built to fit the eye of the wearer by more precise specifications.

How do I put on & take out contact lenses?

Putting in your contact lenses for the first time may seem like a scary process, but trust us when we say it couldn’t be simpler. We strongly recommend that you soak your contact lenses in solution for at least two hours before putting them into your eyes for the first time.

Here is a step by step guide to applying your colored contact lenses. (We also include a booklet with detailed instructions with every order).

  1. Take Out Your Lens – After thoroughly washing and drying your hands, lift the contact lens out of its case. It is recommended that you pick up the lens with the index finger of your dominant hand. Ensure that the lens sits on your fingertip the right way – with it curving outwards. (It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a lens is inside out or not, so be sure to inspect it before placing it in your eye.)
  2. Lower Your Eyelid – With your other hand, hold your eye open. The best way to do this is to pull down your eyelid with your index finger, being sure to hold your lashes down as well. If not, your lens is very likely to get caught up in your lashes – which isn’t ideal! This part can be tricky. Your natural response will be to blink, as your brain is programmed to prevent ocular damage in the form of objects entering your eye.
  3. Place The Contact In Your Eye – Look upwards with your eye, exposing the white portion, and gently insert the contact lens. You are likely to feel a strong urge to blink when doing this the first few times – which is completely natural – but try to avoid doing so. If the contact lens isn’t in properly, you will know immediately, with it more than likely coming out when you blink.
  4. Allow The Lens To Settle – Finally, hold your eye closed for a few seconds to allow the lens to settle in. After this, check in the mirror to see if it’s gone in properly. If it has, then congrats! You’ve done it!
  5. Repeat With The Other Eye – After this, repeat the process with your other eye. Once that’s done, you’re finished! Go out there and rock your new look!

Try not to get frustrated if you can’t get the hang of the process straight away. Take a break if you need it. It will pay off in the end! It’s always worth paying a visit to an optician if you’re having too much trouble – as we’re sure they’d be happy to help you out. An optician should also be visited if you notice anything unusual when putting your lenses in. The health of your eyes is the most important thing!


Removing colored contact lenses can often be thought of as an arduous task. Luckily, we’ve pieced together a helpful run-down of how to correctly remove your colored contact lenses. Regardless of whether you’re or not you’re new to using coloured contact lenses, this helpful, step-by-step guide is here to help shed some light on the do’s and don’ts.

  1. Make Sure You Thoroughly Wash and Dry Your Hands! - DO NOT skip this step! It’s paramount that you wash and cleanse your hands properly before coming into contact with your eyes or colored contact lenses. In doing so, you will greatly reduce the risk of infection and bacteria spreading unnecessarily. For contacts that have a longer wear cycle, such as monthly or yearly durations, we highly recommend you store your lenses in a disinfected lens case, filled with approved multipurpose solution.
  2. Gently Separate Your Eyelids (Pull Down Your Lower Eyelid and Pull Up Your Upper) - It is of great importance, more so for prescribed lenses, that you start with the same eye every time you come to remove your lenses. The process is simple, all you need to do is gently pull down on your lower eyelid then pull up your upper eyelid so that your eyelashes are as close to your eyebrow as possible.
  3. Carefully Pinch The Contact Lens Using Both Your First Finger and Your Thumb - This step can be daunting, but as with anything, it comes with practice. All you need to do is place your forefinger and thumb at either side of your colored contact lens and gently pinch. You should feel the lens move between your fingers, this is completely normal and shows that you’ve successfully managed to acquire the lens.
  4. Avert Your Gaze Upwards and Slide The Contact Lens Down and Off Onto Your First Finger - Once you feel the lens between your thumb and forefinger, then next step is to look up. In doing so, you’ll be able to smoothly slide the lens down onto the white of your eye and then off onto your finger. If it didn’t work the first time, don’t panic! Gently repeat the process or seek help from someone close to you.
  5. Repeat on The Other Eye - As simple as it sounds, the next step is to repeat the process on your remaining eye!

Just like putting the contact lenses in, taking them out requires patience the first few times. If you become frustrated, do not hesitate to take a break and come back to the venture.

What materials are used to make color contact lenses?

We stock a variety of lenses made from many different materials. One popular option is silicone hydrogel. Silicone is a soft material and these gel lenses offer a higher oxygen permeability, meaning they feel more natural and comfortable. They maintain this oxygen permeability and moisture longer than traditional lenses. It’s actually the same material used to bandage the eye as part of many treatments. This does not mean you don’t have to care for them just as you would any other lens. It just goes to show that we truly offer the newest and best contact lenses that technology has to offer!

Is it safe to wear contact lenses during high transmission periods of COVID-19?

As you may or may not know, often germs are passed and viruses are transmitted through contact with the eyes. Washing and disinfecting your hands before touching your colored contact lenses each time is a really important care step for everyday use. Particularly when working at avoiding illness, this becomes absolutely critical! Proper care and cleaning of your colored contacts, as well as good handwashing techniques are a great way to combat this.

What hygiene precautions should I take when wearing contacts during the pandemic?

We can’t emphasize enough the proper care and cleaning of your colored contact lenses. Another great option is to switch to a daily disposable contact lens while the threat of Coronavirus is high. These are a more hygenic option as they are only inserted and removed once and do not require cleaning. Along with efficient handwashing practices, disposable lenses might just be the difference between staying healthy all season long and a lengthy bout of illness with cold, flu, or even Coronavirus.

What's the best contact lens for DARK eyes?

If you’ve got dark eyes and have always wanted to sport lighter ones, you are far from alone! With over 50% of the world having brown eyes, you can be assured that most colored contacts out there are designed for brown eyes. However, that does not mean every colored contact lens will create the look you’re imagining. Nebulalens’s offers a collection of lenses designed for high coverage so you can get those bright, vivid eyes you’ve been craving! The Pink Label Shade series offers options in brown, green, blue, and grey designed for maximum coverage. Nebulalens’s Desire lenses will also help you achieve the lighter look you’ve always desired!

What's the best brand of colored contact lenses?

The best brand of colored contact lenses depends on your personal needs. Nebulalens’s offers a wide variety of brands - but all with some commonalities so you can trust any lenses you order from our site. We’re picky about the brands we stock and ensure that all pass federal health and safety standards. It’s best to consult with your eye doctor, as he or she will know what materials, sizes, prescriptions, etc. are best for you. From there, you can browse our many well-known, high quality brands. We even have our own Nebulalens’s branded lenses to provide you with high-quality contacts at an even better value!

Where do I get colored contacts?

You can buy colored contacts from your optometrist’s office, or as many people do, you may choose to order them online. Many people find this more convenient as there are more options available and they’re delivered right to your front door!

When selecting a provider for your colored eye contacts, you need to consider your priorities. If you want assurance of safety and quality, look no further than Nebulalens’s. We work with only the best manufacturers, who meet USDA standards as well as many other international health and safety guidelines. Looking for affordable colored contact lenses. Nebulalens’s has your back with a variety of brand names, all of which are budget-friendly. Looking for dailies? Or lenses that last a full year. Again, we’ve got you! You can browse our site by brand name, color, prescription strength, wear cycle, and more!

What's the best natural contact lens?

The natural looking colored contacts series byNebulalens's is a great way to rediscover your look if you want some minor enhancements to your fashion and wardrobe. You can achieve a natural look with a dash of charm with natural colored contacts designed with fresh and vibrant colors. Pink Label Starburst Brown lenses brighten dark eyes with natural beige and brown tones and a darker limbal ring. Pink Label Obsession Grey colored contacts bring a natural look to one of the latest eye color trends. Desire Lush Green contacts from Nebulalens’s offer just the right shade of green for a natural - yet eye-opening - look.

What's the best grey contact lens?

One of the best trends to come out of recent years has been grey as an eye color. We just love grey colored contact lenses to create a unique, one-of-a-kind eye look! We can recommend the most natural-looking greys on the market for an eye effect you’re sure to love! Pink Label Shade Grey Lenses from Nebulalens feature two tones in a swirl pattern for a beautiful blend! Nebulalens Libre Grey colored contacts offer a slightly larger than average printed diameter for a big and bright eye look! And our Desire Mist Grey lenses feature a dark outer rim to draw the focus to your most gorgeous grey assets!

What's the best brown contact lens?

Brown is the most common natural eye color. Even so, some like to enhance their brown eye look with the help of colored contact lenses. And we have some beautiful brown options! For a warm, sweet brown, take a look at the Nebulalens Libre Beige contacts, which provide a larger eye look. To add a bright shimmer to your eyes, try on a pair of Nebulalens Pink Label Attitude Brown contact lenses. Pink Label Shade Brown lenses offer a toffee brightness that really help your eyes pop - in any makeup look. And our Pink Label Aida Brown lenses feature rich, chocolate tones that accent your own.

What's the best blue contact lens?

Blue eyes have been long coveted among those of all ages. Associated with the dolls we’ve long adored, big, bright blue eyes are a look that is always in style! For a unique blue eye look, we recommend the Pink Label Moonlight Blue colored contacts from Nebulalens. Moonlight Blue offers a deep blue tone with hints of violet. Our Pink Label Shade Blue, with its starburst pattern is great for transforming dark eyes and a current best-seller! Glossy VG Blue lenses feature a blue outer haze that’s truly unique - just like you! Pink Label Soony Blue colored contacts offer three tones of color that blend beautifully with your own.

What's the best green contact lens?

The rarest natural eye color is green, and those with green eyes have often been considered special in their own right. But, we know you’re pretty special as well! And we want you to have the very best green eye experience with colored contact lenses! With multiple layered tones of color for an effect that almost appears to sparkle, Nebulalens Pink Label Obsession Khaki Green lenses are among our very favorite! Desire Lush Green colored contacts are reminiscent of those first sprigs of grass in early Spring - and feature a darker outer ring. Glosseline Green lenses offer multiple tones for a rich, layered look.

What's the best hazel contact lens?

Hazel eyes are multifaceted and intriguing, blending green, brown, and yellow tones. And is there any word you’d rather use to describe your eyes than intriguing? Nebulalens Pink Label Dewy Hazel colored contact lenses are perfect for creating the perfect eye look for you! Glossy Ivory lenses are a current fan favorite, offering an eye transformation in seconds. Desire Sandy Beige colored contacts pair a lighter hazel look with a darker outer rim to draw attention to your eyes. And the Pink Label Nouveau Large Hazel lenses help enhance the perceived size of your eyes for a wide-eyed, innocent look!

What's the best black contact lens?

Black contact lenses allow you to naturally enlarge and define your eyes in the seconds it takes you to apply them. Your eyes will appear wider and larger, giving you a cute, dolly look. Get those extra large #dolleyes you've always wanted with our black contact lenses! Nebulalens’s Pink Label Pearl Black lenses give your eye the appearance of a large, coveted black pearl by extending the iris diameter. Extra Magic Black lenses offer a solid black eye look that’s great for not just Halloween looks, but everyday as well. Lacelle Modest Black contacts lenses provide a varied dark eye look.

What's the best pink or purple contact lens?

There’s no reason your eyewear shouldn’t show off every side of your personality - including your fave colors! And Nebulalens’s stocks several pink and purple colored contact lenses to choose from - whether you’re looking for something supernatural or with a more natural twist. Pink Label Galaxy lenses are out-of-this-world and come in both Pink and Violet, with the appearance of tiny stars dancing throughout. Pink Label Rio Grey Violet lenses feature a variety of tones for a well-blended, unique look. And, Pink Label Obsession Pink contacts add a feminine, baby link twist to any makeup creation. There are so many fun, playful pink and purple lenses - it’s hard to choose just one!