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ower Range 0.00 ~ -8.00
Lens Diameter 14.0 mm
Base Curve 8.5
Water Content 38%
Replacement Cycle Yearly
Package Contents 1 pair (2 lenses)
Material Polymacon/2-HEMA
Manufacturer i-Sha

Regarding degrees:
According to the degree of your myopia to buy the corresponding degree, this side of the advice: 400 degrees or less without conversion, less than or equal to 500 minus 25 degrees, less than or equal to 700 minus 50 degrees, less than or equal to 800 minus 75 degrees, less than or equal to 900 minus 100 degrees.

About Astigmatism:
If you have -1.00 or less astigmatism, you can add one-half of the astigmatism to the invisible eye degree. Formula: contact eye degree + (astigmatism 1/2) = nearsightedness, Note: after astigmatism conversion Seeing objects with heavy shadows is normal, not as an after-sales condition] When shopping, you should try to choose the same or slightly lower than your actual degree, there is no the same degree, it is appropriate to be low rather than high, because too high a degree may lead to dizziness and other symptoms.